Digital input
EP1918-0002 | 8-channel digital input, TwinSAFE Logic, 24 V DC

EP1918-0002 | 8-channel digital input, TwinSAFE Logic, 24 V DC

The EP1918 TwinSAFE EtherCAT Box is a digital EtherCAT Box for sensors with potential-free contacts for 24 V DC. It has eight fail-safe inputs. The EP1918 integrates a programmable TwinSAFE Logic enabling the implementation of safety applications directly in the EtherCAT Box. Depending on the application, the safety-oriented information can be pre-processed directly in the EtherCAT Box so that the central TwinSAFE Logic need only process the information that is aggregated.

Technical data EP1918-0002
Connection technology M12, screw type
Specification link unit between safe input and output signals
Number of inputs 8
Protocol TwinSAFE/Safety over EtherCAT
Fault response time ≤ watchdog time (parameterisable)
Current consumption from US/UP
Installation position variable
Protection class IP 67 (according to EN 60529)
Approvals/markings Overview of TwinSAFE Certifications (PDF)
Download EtherCAT slave information (ESI) ESI config file EPx9xx (ZIP)
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ZK2000-6xxx-xxxx Cables for M12 I/O connection sockets
ZK2020-3xxx-xxxx Cables for M8 power supply
Product announcement
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