Interactive Automation Days: second day
Innovative and intelligent automation: that is the title of today's live stream agenda for our Interactive Automation Days. Our experts present the Beckhoff XPlanar planar motor system and talk about our TwinCAT software system. Registrations are possible at any time.


Interactive Automation Days: first day
Our Interactive Automation Days celebrate their premiere: today, our live stream agenda is concerned with flexible and modular automation. Among other things, our experts present the Beckhoff product portfolio of power supplies and our ultra-compact Industrial PC generation. Registrations are possible at any time.


Interactive Automation Days: Sign up!
The live stream agenda of our Interactive Automation Days includes technology shows, daily presentations and expert roundtables. We are broadcasting live from our Beckhoff studio from November 24 to 26, 2020. All topics and schedules are shown in the agenda overview.


Missed the webinar?
Did you miss our webinar “Control of LEDs with current-controlled EtherCAT Terminals”? We recorded it for you.


Our new format: Interactive Automation Days
The Interactive Automation Days is our lecture program accompanying the SPS Connect 2020. Through a livestream, our experts will present innovative technologies and highlights from all areas of PC- and EtherCAT-based control.


Webinar: Integrated monitoring for wind turbines
PC-based control technology from Beckhoff has become an integral component of smart wind turbine automation. In a webinar Beckhoff will present measurement and condition monitoring. We will also be presenting our partners and their solutions based on our system.


Fuwai, China: PC-based building control system automates hospital network in Yunnan, China
Fuwai Hospital in Yunnan accomplished this with a sophisticated PC-based control system integrating more than 200 DDC stations.


Webinar: The future of smart buildings
PC-based control technology from Beckhoff is an integral component of intelligent building automation. Using a practical example, we present the future of smart buildings together with five partners.


Missed the webinar?
In a webinar we talked about the IO-Link sensor connection to EtherCAT Terminals. Did you miss our webinar? We recorded it for you.


Exact current control and synchronization of LED lamps
Our webinar begins with a brief introduction to LED technology before describing the functions of the different LED terminals. The parameterization and the functionality are then illustrated on the basis of a short practical example.


Missed the webinar?
Did you miss our webinar "IoT bus couplers: from the sensor into the cloud"? We recorded it for you.


TF6020 is available now
Into the cloud: The TF6020 function connects TwinCAT 3 with user-specific applications that exchange data in the typical IoT format JSON.


Aotto, China: Optimization and modernization with IPC technology increase press throughput
In a multi-station press line for the automotive industry, the entire product range from Beckhoff is used and efficiently networked via EtherCAT. The benefits are fail-safe operation, an optimized production process and maximum throughput.


SPS Connect: Get your appointment with Beckhoff now
Our automation experts will present innovative technologies and highlights from all areas of PC- and EtherCAT-based control technology. Arrange your appointment with a Beckhoff contact person now.


Fast EtherCAT communication increases machine performance
Borncut has developed what they believe to be the world’s fastest and most precise portion cutter for the food industry, based on specially developed software and the open control platform from Beckhoff.


Calibration certificates for analog EtherCAT Terminals
Depending on the terminal type, Beckhoff offers individual certificates that document compliance with a measured value and the tolerance window. In cooperation with external calibration service providers, certifications according to ISO 17025 and DAkkS are also performed.


Missed the webinar?
Did you miss our webinar "Efficient series machine manufacturing: plug-and-play in the control cabinet"? We recorded it for you.


AES redesigns ultra-compact industrial gas delivery system with IoT connectivity
U.S. specialist company Applied Energy Systems (AES) has modernized its tried-and-tested controller for supplying production lines with high-purity gases to support its application in advanced Industrie 4.0 solutions.


Recording of high-frequency signals with a 24 V HTL level
In addition to the counting function, the EJ5151 EtherCAT plug-in module provides period/frequency measurement with a resolution of 100 ns and delivers even more accurate position values for dynamic axes in the interpolating micro-increment mode.


I/O expertise for series production: EtherCAT plug-in modules
The EtherCAT plug-in modules in the EJ series from Beckhoff, the specialist in PC and EtherCATbased automation solutions, offer significant efficiency gains when it comes to implementing medium to high-volume series production runs.


Missed the webinar?
Did you miss our webinar “For demanding applications: calibrated analog inputs”? We recorded it for you.


Beckhoff training courses now in online format due to COVID-19 pandemic
Our online training courses are based on our well-known face-to-face training sessions. Knowledge and skills are conveyed to a closed group of participants through collaboration tools. Participants can directly contact the Beckhoff professionals, who use technical teaching equipment to share their broad know-how covering all aspects of PC-based control.


Stratospheric energy savings, guaranteed
Using open PC- and EtherCAT-based automation technology, iZ Systems has developed a compact standard controller that enables remote monitoring and optimization of compressed air systems. This enabled food packaging manufacturer Pactiv to achieve enormous energy savings.


ELM3702-0000 2-channel multi-functional input is now available
68 different signals, 24-bit resolution, 10 kSps EtherCAT measurement modules: The ELM3702-0000 2-channel multi-functional input for changing measuring tasks on test benches and in the laboratory environment is now available. Together with the multiplexers from the ELM27xx series, the measuring task is extensively automated.


Missed the webinar?
Did you miss our webinar Building Automation? We recorded it for you.


The Beckhoff system for power supplies and energy monitoring
With its three product groups power supplies, safety-/energy monitoring terminals and current transformers, Beckhoff enables precise monitoring and analysis of each section of an energy/voltage supply for optimum energy management.


Webinar: plug-and-play in the control cabinet
Elaborate manual wiring of single wires, common in conventional control cabinet construction, is replaced by simply plugging in prefabricated cable harnesses. The various implementation scenarios are presented with Beckhoff technology.


Missed the webinar?
Did you miss our webinar new EtherCAT Terminals for evaluation of incremental signals? We recorded it for you.



Intelligent building automation
Beckhoff offers a universal, scalable building automation control system covering PC- and Ethernet-based controllers and a modular I/O system for logging all data points in buildings.


NSCW, USA: Plant modernization ensures future-proof water supply
Municipal water treatment plant seamlessly integrates PC-based control technology with existing automation.


Measurement for demanding applications
Beckhoff offers a comprehensive device portfolio that is suitable for reading analog values into the controller. In a webinar we will talk about the calibration of analog inputs.


PSxxxx power supplies
Secure from the very beginning: new, powerful single-phase and 3-phase DIN rail power supply units, with outputs up to 960 W/1,440 W as well as high efficiency and long service life, reliably secure the 24/48 V DC supply.


Webinar: Building Automation – News und Update
Beckhoff will present three products for building automation in the online event. In addition, three partner companies will participate in the total of six presentations.


TwinCAT 3 – TF3800 integrates new analytical functionalities for machine learning
Train a Support Vector Machine to improve the quality of your production processes.


Penta-Tec, Austria, A&T and Harmuth, Germany: TwinCAT NC I in large-format milling machines for the aircraft industry
High-quality metal parts for the Airbus A320 made with precise, user-friendly CNC tech.


Multilayer Perceptrons (MLPs) for machine learning are now available in TwinCAT 3 – TF3810
Integrate Shallow and Deep Learning networks into your production processes


GMTO, Chile and USA: PC- and EtherCAT-based control technology in next-generation telescope
Giant Magellan Telescope with site-wide real-time connectivity and 3,000 precisely controlled servo axes.


Missed the webinar?
Did you miss our webinar Distributed power measurement with SCT current transformers? We recorded it for you.


New EtherCAT Terminals for evaluation of incremental signals
In a webinar we will present the four new EtherCAT Terminals, which log incremental signals with high frequencies up to 5 MHz and feature numerous parameterization options and integrated functions.


Beckhoff Denmark opens new headquarters
The new facility offers the best possible conditions. The new building has 1,500 square meters of floor space with 50 modern workstations, a small warehouse, a showroom for customers, as well as meeting and training rooms.


Update of the TwinCAT XTS Extension
The central software package TF5850 for integrating and programming XTS systems within TwinCAT 3 includes a broad variety of new visualization and simulation features for an even easier and faster operation.


Missed the webinar?
Did you miss our webinar compact drive technology up to 48 V? We recorded it for you.


Missed the webinar?
Did you miss our webinar TwinCAT Cloud Engineering? We recorded it for you:


MATLAB® and Simulink® within the TwinCAT real-time environment
TwinCAT 3 enables seamless integration of MATLAB® and Simulink® into the TwinCAT real-time environment. MATLAB® and Simulink® developers can set up real-time solutions either in collaboration with PLC programmers or independently. This particularly applies to virtual commissioning, Model-Based Design, machine learning and data analysis.


SPS Smart Production Solutions 2020 cancelled
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the popular automation exhibition will be held digitally.


Missed the webinar?
Did you miss our webinar Windows Operating Systems for Industrial PCs from Beckhoff? We recorded it for you.


CYGIA and CYGDM, China: Smart electronics production with PC-based control
Advancing the smart factory with PC-based control technology.


New webinar: Distributed power measurement with SCT current transformers
Beckhoff will talk about the Distributed power measurement with SCT current transformers in a webinar on September 1. Other online events will cover these topics: Cloud Engineering (August 27) and Compact drive technology up to 48V (September 1).


Gefasoft, Germany: XTS enables parallel inspection processes for maximum throughput
Gefasoft Automatisierung und Software GmbH has developed an exceptionally compact installation for the optical inspection of diffusors for airbags via eleven camera stations requiring varying inspection times. With the help of the highly flexible eXtended Transport System, Gefasoft was able to run individual inspection processes in parallel and optimize the product output.


Missed the webinars?
Did you miss our webinars TwinCAT Analytics Workflow and Safeguarding the 24 V DC power supply? We recorded it for you:


Beckhoff Netherlands grows with new office in Enschede
Bernard Gerdes and Geert Baars start sales in the east of the Netherlands.


New webinar on compact drive technology up to 48 V
Beckhoff will talk about the innovations in compact drive technology up to 48 V in a webinar on 1 September. Other online events will cover these topics: Windows operating systems for Industrial PCs from Beckhoff (20 August) and TwinCAT Cloud Engineering (27 August).


Real-time Ethernet system: new record with 3,000 vendor IDs
Beckhoff introduced EtherCAT to the market in 2003. The ultra-fast communication system has taken the automation world by storm ever since.


EtherCAT Coupler with ID switch and extended distance available
With the EK1101-0010, variable topologies can be implemented even more easily. The extended distance connection enables distances of up to 300 m to be bridged. It also has three hexadecimal ID switches for assigning an ID to a group of EtherCAT components.


Texpa, Germany: Rapid development and configuration of manufacturing systems for terrycloth towels
Modular towel production lines require flexible and compact control and drive technology


Three new webinars in August
Windows Operating Systems for Industrial PCs from Beckhoff, TwinCAT Cloud Engineering, Safeguarding the 24 V DC power supply – these are the titles of the webinars that Beckhoff is holding until the end of August. Registrations are still possible for all three webinars.


Webinars in August: registrations possible
In a four-part webinar (10 to 13 August) will be explained the complete TwinCAT Analytics workflow. On 18 August the webinar topic will be: Safeguarding the 24 V DC power supply.


Dr. Karl Weber represents German Federal Ministry in IEEE Government Engagement Program on Standards
Dr. Karl Weber was appointed as official representative of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) to the Government Engagement Program on Standards (GEPS) of the world's largest professional association of electrical and information technology engineers IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).


New industry brochure for the packaging industry
The brochure presents XTS and XPlanar, innovative drive technology solutions that are revolutionizing packaging machine design with their exceptionally flexible part transport capabilities – packaging machines can be designed in entirely new ways.


Webinar series: High-end Measurement Technology for PC-based Control
The EtherCAT measurement technology modules are the topic of a six-part webinar series. The first part shows how the entire workflow from sensor to IoT dashboard can be automated with Beckhoff measurement technology and software tools.


Webinar: TwinCAT Analytics
PC-based control and TwinCAT provide a foundation for advanced Industrie 4.0 and Internet of Things architectures in intelligent machines. TwinCAT Analytics is an important element in such an architecture. In a four-part webinar will be explained the complete TwinCAT Analytics workflow.


New compact and cost-effective analysis of incremental signals
The EL51xx portfolio is being expanded by four new products. These convince with a wide range of integrated functions for the analysis of 5 V incremental encoders with RS422 and TTL signals.


L’Oréal/Secad, France: XTS increases flexibility and reduces system footprint in cosmetics filling
XTS combines the functionality of five machines in a single production line.


Precise measurement in hazardous areas in zones 0/20 and 1/21
Thanks to ratiometric potentiometer evaluation, the compact, 2-channel ELX3252 EtherCAT Terminal is suitable for precise and cost-effective position detection.


Digital Days: keynote speeches on TwinCAT solutions and GAIA-X
Beckhoff participated in the Digital Days at Hannover Messe with two keynote speeches. The topics were TwinCAT solutions for IoT and Industrie 4.0 and the cloud and data infrastructure project GAIA-X.


Digital Days celebrates its premiere
Beckhoff is participating in in the virtual Hannover Messe with three speakers. Registrations for the events on Tuesday and Wednesday, 14 and 15 July, are still possible.


Agnitron, USA: Dual-use system for the research and production of new semiconductor materials
Flexible MOCVD system uses PC-based control to create a modular machine design.


High computing power available in the BACnet/IP Embedded PC
The CX8191 is a control system with a switched Ethernet port. It supports the BACnet protocol. With a fast CPU and programmability with TwinCAT 3, the universal device can be used very flexibly, from control tasks through to gateway functions.


Beckhoff opens office in Aachen
Employees in Aachen, Germany, focus on university management. In the medium term, Beckhoff plans to expand its new location into a fully-fledged office with sales, application and support departments.


Industrial PC series – Webinar missed?
Our product management has introduced the powerful and space-saving C60xx Industrial PC series. You missed the webinar? We recorded it for you.


Hannover Messe – Digital Days
Beckhoff will participate in the new format of the Hannover Messe with three lectures and a presentation as part of a high-level talk.


New processor generation of multi-touch mounting arm Panel PCs
With the CP32xx series, a high-end Panel PC with multi-touch can be used directly in the field – the devices in a slender aluminium housing feature complete IP 65 protection and are designed for mounting arm installation. They offer maximum computing power with processors of the latest generation.


Consistent M12 cabling for IP 67 I/Os directly in the field
New variants of the EtherCAT Box modules with 7/8" power connection and M12 bus interface.


Genesis Systems Group, USA: PC Control optimizes testing of large components for aerospace
The Genesis Systems Group develops test systems for components for aircraft, satellites and rockets. Beckhoff control technology enables high accuracy and savings in cabling and installation.


TwinCAT XCAD Interface 2 saves effort for manual transfers
TE1120 is the latest interface between ECAD tools and TwinCAT 3. With the help of the standardized AutomationML format (AML), I/O topologies created in ECAD tools can be imported into TwinCAT and automatically created.


Easy configuration of individual push-button extensions
Almost every multi-touch Control Panel is available with a standardized push-button extension. The CP Configurator supports the individual arrangement and type of buttons, their functionality, colour, sequence or wiring type, even for quantities of 1 or more.


Simtec, Germany: Highly precise motion control and synchronization
PC-based technology controls entertainment applications and kinetic digital signage.


Additional EtherCAT Terminal for the process industry
The ELX2008 8-channel digital output terminal enables the direct connection of intrinsically safe actuators from hazardous areas of zones 0/20 and 1/21. The increased channel density enables the design of more compact systems.


Beckhoff is a premium partner
With the Digital Days, the Hannover Messe is organising an online version of the leading international exhibition for the industry for the first time on 14 and 15 July. Beckhoff is presenting itself as a premium partner of the new format and will be represented with three lectures and as a participant in a high-level talk.


Intelligent building automation with PC Control
PC-based control technology from Beckhoff offers many opportunities for intelligent control and operation of buildings.


Display box with navigation switch and operating hours counter
The EP6090-0000 can be used, for example, for displaying status messages or diagnostic information. A non-resettable operating hours counter is integrated and can be displayed and also read out via the controller.


OCA cable assemblies B17 and B23 certified to UL2237
The approval covers the assembled cable with connected plugs in sizes B17 and B23. The high quality of the hybrid connector series for One Cable Automation (OCA) simplifies fire protection approval in the US and Canadian economic area.


Linearmotors made in Germany – maximum force density in smallest installation space
The new AL8000 series with highly dynamic and powerful linear axes is drive technology for durable and highly reliable applications. The optimized product design and the modular coil concept allow peak forces up to 6750 N at 400 V AC.


Fischer AG: Automated spindle test bench optimizes test data
Turning up digitalization with new spindle test bench.


Beckhoff is expanding all technological areas of the New Automation Technology
The current News flyer provides a brief overview of the Beckhoff innovations.


Customer-specific solutions for multi-touch devices
The range of Panel PCs and Control Panels of the highest build quality stretches from visual adaptations and logos in the customer’s corporate design to individualized configurations with special keys through to complete custom housing design.


Ongoing portfolio expansion of the blue ELX terminals
The ELX1058 complements the ELX series for data acquisition from hazardous areas in zones 0/20 and 1/21 and allows the connection of up to eight intrinsically safe NAMUR sensors or potential-free switches.


Beckhoff is a founding member of the GAIA-X Foundation
The European Data Space Initiative GAIA-X starts broadly supported by the industry and many other user domains


TwinCAT IoT Update: missed the webinar?
Our experts demonstrate the possibilities that TwinCAT IoT offers you for your specific application. You missed the webinar? We recorded the 30-minute product presentation.


PC-based control accelerates machine development and commissioning
Beckhoff helps Xiamen Jinghe Electric Automation develop fully automated N95 mask making machines


TwinCAT Vision product presentation – missed the webinar?
In an exclusive product presentation at the end of May, our experts showed not only the integration of Vision into TwinCAT and the real-time, but also descriptive configuration and programming examples. You missed the webinar? We recorded the 30-minute product presentation.


TwinCAT/BSD: operating system for Industrial PCs
An alternative operating system – TwinCAT/BSD – will be available for selected Beckhoff Industrial PC platforms. TwinCAT/BSD combines the TwinCAT 3 runtime XAR with FreeBSD, an industrially tested and reliable open source operating system.


Complete safety application can be realized directly within the IP 67 environment
With eight fail-safe digital outputs and a programmable TwinSAFE Logic, the EP2918-0032 enables the implementation of safety applications directly in the EtherCAT Box.


Ginolis: PC-based control for Covid-19 rapid testing production lines
Compact automation technology makes modular production of rapid testing equipment possible


24-bit encoder for all flange codes – SIL 2-capable without any extra costs
The AM8xxx servomotors are suitable for high-precision safety applications when equipped with the certified safety encoder with its extremely high accuracy of ±30 angular seconds.


Labplas, Canada: Highest level of flexibility in sterile sampling bag production with PC-based control
In a redesign with PC-based control, Labplas has been able to increase productivity and also to integrate pick-and-place robots, which replace the manual insertion of accessories into the bags.


Floating planar mover simplifies transportation of sensitive workpieces
Plasmatreat, Germany presents XPlanar-based plasma treatment unit


TwinCAT Vision integrates image processing into the TwinCAT product range
Based on the idea of PC-based control, TwinCAT Vision now incorporates image processing as well as PLC, motion control, robotics, high-end measurement technology, IoT and HMI on one central control platform.


Free movement with XTS and Track Management
The eXtended Transport System (XTS) and the software functionality Track Management, which is integrated in TF5850, enable flexible motion profiles, such as routes from one XTS to another or the flexible infeed and outfeed.



EK9160 for cloud-based control
The EK9160 IoT Coupler links EtherCAT I/Os from Beckhoff directly with the Internet of Things (IoT).


Danfoss and Beckhoff special event
Energy efficiency in connected buildings


New high-performance processors for the CX20xx series
Basic CPU modules CX2033 und CX2043 with AMD-Ryzen™ processors


AMI812x: Smart servo drive with integrated output stage
Integrated servo drive combines servo motor, output stage and fieldbus connection


iF Awards for Beckhoff products
Judges impressed by function and design


SCT Current transformers (CT) for energy measurement
The SCT current transformers complete the Energy measurement chain from recording the physical measured value to data transmission in the cloud.


With TF6760, REST APIs can now be addressed directly from the PLC.


Highly flexible robot control implemented as firmware extension based on TwinCAT
Japanese robot manufacturer DENSO WAVE breaks new ground with Beckhoff Automation
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