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Fanless ultra-compact Industrial PC for direct machine integration in IP 65/67

The C7015 is an inexpensive but powerful IP 65/67 device for direct mounting on the machine. In keeping with the current trend, this space-saving universally mountable Industrial PC hardware is perfectly suited to modern Industrie 4.0 concepts. A wide variety of on-board interfaces enables the networking of machine or plant sections in the cloud or in other networks. Moreover, the integrated EtherCAT P connection offers undreamt-of possibilities for the direct connection of actuators and sensors via EtherCAT P Box modules with IP 67 protection. The decentralized solving of complex diagnostic or condition monitoring tasks is thus possible.

The compact Beckhoff module motherboard and the housing combination of die-cast zinc and aluminum have been developed in typical Beckhoff style for industrial suitability, long-term availability and reliability. Despite passive cooling, the C7015 is suitable for a temperature range up to +50 °C. On account of its wide variety of interfaces (3 x LAN, 2 x USB, mini DisplayPort), 40 GB M.2 SSD with 3D flash and integrated Intel Atom® CPU (quad-core at most) with universal multi-core support for TwinCAT 3, the sturdy Industrial PC can be used for simultaneous, high-performance Automation under hard real-time conditions, visualization and communication: from the classic machine controller to modern Industrie 4.0 concepts as an edge device.



C7015: Ultra-compact IPC in IP 65/67 with Intel Atom® with up to four cores