APSxxxx | XPlanar tile

The XPlanar tiles can be arranged in configurations to suit any need. Laid out in a floor arrangement, they keep distances between processing stations short and provide room to accommodate buffer zones. The floor size and geometry can be configured to suit individual requirements.

Alternatively, XPlanar tiles can be arranged in long linear tracks. This type of setup makes XPlanar a highly flexible transport system. Additional tiles can be laid along certain sections to create waiting zones, and fast-track lanes can be added just as easily to allow overtaking and avoid congestion. Movers can travel along the same track on outward and return journeys. In other types of applications, the movers travelling in a circle may be better suited to meet the requirements. The tile configuration can support this kind of motion profile, too.

The planar tiles in the 24 x 24 cm format can be used to form arbitrary track geometries that are precisely adapted to the application at hand. The size and shape of the tile floor can be freely scaled and determined by simply combining the different tiles: oblong, square, rectangular, L-shaped or ring-shaped. The number of movers can also be freely chosen; therefore, there are barely any limits in the application. Every form of product transport is possible: individual positioning at processing stations, collision-free movement in the clean room and in a vacuum, overtaking in the product flow, product flow division, parking and moving in and out, even between contaminated areas. All planar movers and tiles are easy to clean, there is no carryover of contaminants and the system operates without noise and particle emission. At the same time, the XPlanar system operates with maximum efficiency through continuous software-based path optimisation.

Ordering information  
APS1003-0000 XPlanar tile, 4 active areas, 110/230 V AC/24 V DC, 240 mm x 240 mm x 67 mm, 4.0 kg
APS2003-0000 XPlanar tile, rotor area, 110/230 V AC/24 V DC, 240 mm x 240 mm x 67 mm, 4.0 kg