APM100x | XPlanar movers

The Beckhoff planar mover fully deserves the title “all-rounder”. The movers are available in different formats depending on the application. Each individual mover can be moved highly dynamically without collisions and positioned freely on the system. In addition, movements specific to the transported goods or production are possible, naturally while travelling: lifting, lowering, weighing, tilting or rotating.

In the conventional form the planar motor system is used horizontally with the movers moving above the tiles. However, the range of applications is much more diverse, because the movers can also be operated vertically and even upside down. Single movers can move payloads of up to 6 kg. When grouped, they can move correspondingly larger loads.


Movers in different sizes

The movers can be selected to suit different loads. The available bandwidth ranges from particularly small and light movers up to large movers for high payloads. Different mover types can be operated on the planar tiles at the same time.



Ordering information  
APM1002-0000 XPlanar mover, aluminium body hard coated, 95 mm x 95 mm x 12 mm, 0.39 kg
APM1003-0000 XPlanar mover, aluminium body hard coated, 155 mm x 155 mm x 12 mm, 1,27 kg
APM1005-0000 XPlanar mover, aluminium body hard coated, 155 mm x 275 mm x 12 mm, 2.5 kg
APM1004-0000 XPlanar mover, aluminium body hard coated, 275 mm x 275 mm x 12 mm, 5.0 kg