Webinar - TwinCAT 3 Motion Designer


Theme: TwinCAT 3 | Motion Designer for drive dimensioning
Part 2: Axis configuration by means of examples
Speaker: Kai Krieger
Date: Wed. 05.12.2018, 5.00 pm (UTC+1)
Duration: 30 minutes

The basis for efficient machine design is an appropriate dimensioning of the drive system, combined with an optimised choice of motor, gearbox, drive and accessories.

In the second part of the three webinars, Kai Krieger, application software drive technology, shows how to dimension a drive system with the TwinCAT Motion Designer using examples of a press application:

  • Which assistance you can use to choose the correct components?
  • How to handle accessories like motor cables or motor chokes?

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Preview Part 3:
Topic of the third and final part is the analysis of a complete DC link of electrically coupled axes in relation to power supply and brake power.