Beckhoff at SPS IPC Drives 2016

Microsoft, SAP and Amazon will present cloud services at the Beckhoff booth

At SPS IPC Drives, renowned cloud service providers Microsoft, SAP and Amazon will present their cloud services for industrial applications at the Beckhoff booth. In the Industrie 4.0 "theme park", visitors can find out about the entire tool chain for Industrie 4.0 offered by Beckhoff, including data acquisition, cloud connectivity and analysis, as well as services offered by the above mentioned cloud partners. Beckhoff provides support for open communication standards commonly used in cloud and IoT communication, to ensure that customers have free choice of the cloud platform they want to use.

With TwinCAT Analytics and TwinCAT IoT, Beckhoff integrates functionality for data analysis and communication between controllers and cloud-based services into the familiar TwinCAT development environment. For users this has the advantage that they can develop functions such as lifetime monitoring or runtime analysis for predictive maintenance using the tools they are familiar with. The TwinCAT Analytics logger records control system process data on site and in sync with the cycle and sends them to a server or a cloud system. TwinCAT Analytics can then be used for offline or online data analysis. For this purpose ready-made analysis algorithms are available, and alternatively, users can program specific algorithms in IEC 61131, C++ or MATLAB®/Simulink®. TwinCAT IoT enables users to exchange process data via standardised communication protocols and access special data and communication services offered by cloud service providers. The established communication standards AMQP, MQTT and OPC UA are supported, so that services provided by public cloud systems such as Microsoft Azure™, the SAP HANA® Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services™ (AWS)‎ can be used.

At SPS IPC Drives various cloud scenarios will be presented at the Beckhoff booth. In a live demo all cloud partners will access the process data generated in a modular production line. It consists of a linear transport system (Beckhoff XTS) in combination with a pick-and-place robot. Process variables such as power or condition monitoring data are transmitted by a "headless" TwinCAT controller to the respective cloud platforms, to be stored and processed. Trade show visitors can experience the offerings of the cloud service providers in a live demonstration. At another workstation Beckhoff will demonstrate possible applications of TwinCAT Analytics.

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Nuremberg, Germany
22 – 24 November 2016
Hall 7, Booth 406