Beckhoff at Meorga 2018

Beckhoff will present its integrated PC- and EtherCAT-based control solution at the trade show for measurement, control and regulation technology, which is scheduled to take place on 12 September in Ludwigshafen and 10 October in Bochum. With the integration of PLC, motion control, HMI, process and measurement technology as well as IoT applications, PC-based control opens up great optimisation potential in terms of efficiency, accuracy and costs. Beckhoff also seamlessly integrates process technology into the overall control system by supporting protocols and interfaces specific to process technology as well as a comprehensive product range for hazardous areas. With the high-precision, fast and robust EtherCAT measurement technology modules, EtherCAT as the measurement technology bus system and the TwinCAT software solutions, a complete measurement chain that ranges from data acquisition to analysis in the cloud is available.

Trade show information

Ludwigshafen, Germany
12 September 2018

Site Plan Meorga

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  • Wednesday:
    8 am – 4 pm