Beckhoff at Drupa 2016

Print 4.0 easily implemented. With Beckhoff.

Drupa, the international trade show for print and crossmedia solutions, is focusing on mega trends such as Print 4.0 and digital workflow, themed as “touch the future”. In hall 14, Beckhoff will be showing how to realise Print 4.0 concepts in machines and print house production facilities. Beckhoff already provides the technologies for Industrie 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) communication based on PC-based controls today. In addition to general control tasks, the Beckhoff TwinCAT engineering and control software enables big data and condition or power monitoring applications, effectively increasing production efficiency. New software modules have been added offering analytics functions and communication methods between controls and cloud based services.

PC-based control: The basic technology for Print 4.0

PC-based control: The basic technology for Print 4.0

eXtended Transport System: Maximised flexibility in transport and handling

All segments of the printing industry must be able to adapt to rapidly changing market requirements. Printing houses are looking for solutions that help them achieve the high degree of flexibility required for adapting all processing steps involved in the production of complex and individualised print products: printing, sorting, supplementing with inserts, stacking and individual design. The XTS linear transport system offers maximised flexibility and allows a variety of different products and/or processing steps to be handled in one integrated workflow.

  • Flexible production in terms of format, lot sizes and processing steps depending on system design
  • On-the-fly product and format changeovers during operation
  • Prompt, individualised processing of the print product enabled by software support
  • No manual intervention required for processing different quantities or sizes of print products
  • Reduced maintenance times (e.g. replacement of chain drives for sheet transport in conventional transport systems)
eXtended Transport System: Maximised flexibility in transport and handling
TwinCAT solutions for IoT and Industrie 4.0

TwinCAT solutions for IoT and Industrie 4.0

In addition to PLC, motion control and measurement technology functions, TwinCAT engineering and control software also integrates specific modules for Industrie 4.0 or IoT applications. TwinCAT enables secure vertical and horizontal communication – in one tool – as well as the acquisition, processing and analysis of all process data. This “Big Data” collection serves as the base for comprehensive analytics, which enables predictive maintenance and minimises costly machine downtimes.

With TwinCAT IoT, Beckhoff supports standardised protocols for cloud-based communication applications. Quick and easy to configure, TwinCAT IoT provides a variety of functions for exchanging process data via communication protocols such as AMQP, MQTT and OPC UA, and for accessing special data and communication services belonging to either public or local cloud systems.

The ‘Smart Print Factory’ introduces many diverse requirements, including digital workflow business intelligence, online and offline state analysis, predictive maintenance, pattern recognition, machine optimisation and long-term archiving of data. This requires data capture to be as continuous as possible and in sync with the processing cycle. For this reason Beckhoff developed TwinCAT Analytics software. All process data is available locally or as a cloud-based solution. IoT and Industrie 4.0

Scalable drive technology

All demands of the various print market industries are perfectly covered with the scalable drive solutions from Beckhoff, starting with the compact servo terminal and ranging to the EtherCAT AX8000 and AX5000 Servo Drives. The servomotors series AM8000 are available in seven sizes with standstill torques between 0.5 Nm to 104 Nm. The One Cable Technology (OCT) combines power and feedback in a single standard power cable reducing installation time and costs. Servo, stepper and DC motors are controlled with motion drive terminals, which are easily integrated into the Beckhoff I/O system offering low-cost drive solutions. Drive Technology

Scalable drive technology

Scalable and modular: Embedded PC control with multi-core processors

Embedded PCs from Beckhoff are highly scalable with regard to price, computing power and real-time performance. The CX5100 device series equipped with Intel® Atom™ CPUs makes multi-core computing power available for controllers in the medium performance class, offering an ideal price-to-performance ratio. The CX2000 Embedded PC series represents a high-performance controller with Intel® Core™ microarchitecture. Especially in the quad-core version, it provides ample computing power that is also sufficient for demanding applications such as e.g. the control of MATLAB®/Simulink® modules. Embedded PC

Scalable and modular: Embedded PC control with multi-core processors

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Düsseldorf, Germany
31 May – 10 June 2016
Hall 14, Booth A48

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