Beckhoff at Automotive Testing Expo 2016

Effortlessly integrated into the system: Measurement technology from Beckhoff

As the specialist for PC-based control, Beckhoff will present its system-integrated measurement and test bench technology at the Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart. With this technology, the worlds of automation and measurement technology can be converged: one single engineering software, one I/O system and one fieldbus at high speed and with high bandwidth and precise synchronicity. The end result is high-end measurement technology based on standard components. With the new EL3751 multi-function terminal, Beckhoff will present a new generation of high-precision I/Os for measurement technology, which offer optimum precision at a sampling rate of 10,000 samples per second. Further highlights at the Beckhoff booth include the new TwinCAT modules, which enable the simple and efficient implementation of big data: TwinCAT Analytics allows seamless acquisition and analysis of process data; TwinCAT IoT supports secure communication with the cloud by means of standardised protocols.

High-end measurement in the standard I/O system: EL3751 multi-function terminal

High-end measurement in the standard I/O system: EL3751 multi-function terminal

With the EL3751 EtherCAT Terminal Beckhoff presents a new generation of high-precision I/O components for measurement technology. With 10,000 samples per second, a measurement accuracy of ±0.01 %, and 24-bit resolution, the EL3751 provides high-end measurement technology within the standard I/O system. It also offers long-term stability, flexible filter configuration (e.g. bandstop filter) and numerous parameterisation options for the analog input, supporting measurement functions such as U, I, R, DMS and RTD. EL3751

Effective use of big data: With TwinCAT IoT and TwinCAT Analytics

In addition to PLC, motion control and measurement technology functionalities, the TwinCAT engineering and control software also integrates modules for big data and IoT applications. Thus, TwinCAT allows the recording, processing and analysis of measurement technology data and processes in one tool. Big data may lead to interesting findings concerning production processes and the behaviour of machines, and the targeted analysis of the acquired data will quickly deliver practical benefits in terms of production efficiency and product quality improvements.

TwinCAT Analytics

Predictive maintenance and machine optimisation: TwinCAT Analytics

In production and test system technology many diverse requirements have to be met: Online and offline state analysis, predictive maintenance, pattern recognition, machine optimisation and long-term data archiving. This requires data capture to be as continuous as possible and in sync with the processing cycle. That is exactly why Beckhoff developed TwinCAT Analytics software. All process data can be provided as needed, either locally or as a cloud-based solution on a server, whether in your own corporate network or a public cloud.
TwinCAT Analytics

For fast and standardised cloud communication: TwinCAT IoT

With its new TwinCAT IoT solution, Beckhoff supports standardised protocols for cloud communications and for sending push messages to smart devices. Quick and easy to configure, TwinCAT IoT provides a variety of functions for exchanging process data via widely-used communication protocols such as AMQP, MQTT, and OPC UA, and for accessing special data and communication services that belong either to public clouds or local systems.

EtherCAT P: The sensor, actuator and measurement technology bus

EtherCAT P combines communication and power in a single 4-wire standard Ethernet cable. The 24 V DC supply of the EtherCAT P slaves and the connected sensors and actuators is integrated: US (system and sensor supply) and UP (peripheral voltage for actuators) are electrically isolated from each other and can each supply a current of up to 3 A to the connected components. At the same time, all the benefits of EtherCAT, such as freedom in topology design, high speed, optimum bandwidth utilisation, data processing on the fly, highly precise synchronisation, extensive diagnostics functionality, etc. are retained. EtherCAT P

EtherCAT P: The sensor, actuator and measurement technology bus
Simply integrated into the system: Measuring technology from Beckhoff

Simply integrated into the system: Measuring technology from Beckhoff

With a wide range of specific EtherCAT Terminals, Beckhoff integrates measuring technology into the standard I/O system – featuring high speed, high bandwidth and precise synchronisation capabilities. Modular measurement terminals are available for applications ranging from measuring temperature, power, current and voltage up to complex mains or Condition Monitoring. In addition, terminals with factory calibration certificates can be ordered. Beckhoff offers matching TwinCAT software libraries for efficient engineering. Measurement

The multi-core oscilloscope for big data: TwinCAT 3 Scope

The multi-core oscilloscope for big data:
TwinCAT 3 Scope

With TwinCAT Scope, measurement technology applications are also conceivably easy to implement with big data. Very large data sets can be recorded and represented leveraging multi-core support. The software oscilloscope is fully integrated into the TwinCAT control architecture and allows simple graphical representation of signal flows by means of a charting tool.
TwinCAT 3 Scope

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31 May – 2 June 2016
Hall 1, Booth 1105

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